My Synaesthetic Vision of The Congregation of the Cross

I noticed an observation of mine, and thought nothing of it, since it’s both controversial and made me sound like an idiot. Nevertheless, this is going into my account as being most redundant or silliest commentary ever.

I began looking at people – especially Christian folks regardless of denominations – and saw their lives being successful. I took a keener observation at Christian professionals who seemed to hold fast their faith, while being successful in their careers (especially photographer-friends in terms of photographic achievements), being happy with their hobbies and subcultures, having found profound outlooks in life. It’s like I only saw their happy/nice moments in life.

It’s like despite the horrors of their religion’s ironies (aka “Thou shalt not commit adultery” but most people seemed to do it as a natural urge like breathing), these people seemed to hold steadfast to their faith – regardless of their devotion to it – and proceed to made their lives look and feel successful.

A happy couple. A successful shot. A deep enjoyment in strumming their guitars.

I harboured a sense of synaesthesia of seeing Christians bathed in a choir-like hymn of silk-white with choir gothic architecture surrounding the congregation with a sense of acceptance and soldiering on, knowing that their Saviour Jesus Christ took on their sins so that they may feel in guilt, but led their lives with conviction and positivity.

It’s probably because the horror tied to their faith – the Jerusalem massacre, the Papal intrigues, Reconquista, the New World, colonialism – made them felt that there is a need to return back to the Bible and the Scriptures, never to repeat the same mistakes again.

With that in mind, they will move on, they will ignore the haters, and they will lead the live they want, and be successful at it.

That synaesthetic vision of the Christians can never go away, and I am likely to be swayed or sympathetic to their congregation. The question of keeping (or abandoning) the faith is a strong one, a question that will forever haunt me as long as I keep to this vision of mine.


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