An Apology to The Macha

A photo of two mannequins dressed in tube-top the shape of large carry-on bags. One mannequin is looking on another.
My first post is an apology to my good friend, Ganaesh, for my unsuccessful attempt at “discrediting the writing medium” in the light of social networks.

Apparently, his other commentators hated me, (and rightfully so) for reasons that I’m what one derided me as “obsolete in his views and extremely shallow.”

Perhaps I got stuck in an age where the “art of advertising your blog” is still a prevalent mindset; as I struggle to rid myself of the marketing hype and jargon associated with blogging of the yesteryears I slowly picked up on new developments in the electronic medium. Pardon my use of “antiquated bywords” but even as I try & make use of new words to describe a new trend, I can’t shake off the need to use authoritative morphemes to describe a certain phenomenon. For example, “information superhighway” is an antiquated byword to describe “e-commerce” but essentially it refers to exchange of commodities (information being the commodity) between two parties. I still cling on to institutions that had withstood the erosion of time to affix my direction in life.

I conveniently forgot that he restarted writing because it is a medium that one can find inspiration and creative spark. It doesn’t matter if the writing itself does not communicate to people in the immediate time space continuum; it is a permanent marker to which one can pin his or her thought process to a particular moment in time, and if it does not speak to people, it speaks to the writers themselves. (The modern equivalent for blogging in a personal capacity is a private journal made public.) Β It tells them of their accomplishments, the ideas they put in, the finding of the idea through the crucible of life, referencing through their writings to see where they have gone in life, and the next direction to another set points in life. I think Naoko nailed it well when she wrote a piece on why she write.

I didn’t view writing – in a personal capacity – as an expression of ideas. Back then, I was enamoured with monetizing from blogging, search-engine optimization, etc. which conveniently was learned off from a seminar hosted by none other by Danny Choo anak lelaki Datuk Jimmy Choo. Back then, money became an important issue for an aspiring person like myself. I failed to see the beauty in writing unbound by the constraints of commercialism, and it is only now that I began to see why some people continue writing despite many moving out to social networks. In that, I failed to empathize with the struggles of writers and people using the writing medium to communicate their ideas, regardless of their audience.

Even right now, I still cling on to the act of inserting hyper links in my writings, a legacy of my time writing for my personal and other people’s anime blogs in the purpose of generating traffic. I now find myself in that struggle to stop thinking everything else as potential money-generating products, milking them for what it is worth and discarding them after their utilities are exhausted. It is true that you can make money out of art, but to make an art, you need to stop thinking within the box, and start doing it; there is no “thinking out of the box,” you have to eliminate your boundaries of constraints that is “the box.” Writing as an artistic medium is not about the constraints; it has to be within you, an organic process of nurturing what you love.

This passion and love is what I have been lacking these years. I think I found what is missing in my heart.


One response to “An Apology to The Macha

  1. Hey, no harm, no foul from me. I do apologise for the guy calling you obsolete and really shallow, but here’s the thing I’d like to ask you:

    What’s your reason for writing? What’s the burning desire, the cause that sparks your words, that makes you keep writing? If you discover that, then maybe you’ll find the reason why most of us write. πŸ˜€

    And have fun on your journey of self-discovery.

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